About our projects.

Our capital improvement plan is measured in the billions. That's the level of investment required to upgrade our water and sewer systems, comply with federal mandates to reduce nutrient discharges and combined sewer overflows to local rivers, and improve the efficiency of our operations. This work is occurring across the city, and using the search filters below you can see what's happening in your neighborhood. 

Kennedy Street Rendering
District Partnership Awards Over $2M for GI Construction
Benefits include improving structural integrity while maintaining adequate hydraulic capacity.
Watermain Replacement on 6th and R Streets NW
Clearing a Path for Tunnel Construction by Relocating Utilities
Project will include entering manholes and use of divers and high definition cameras.
New System in Place Under M Street SE to Deliver Flows to Tunnel
Project includes installation of sewer and manhole lining that will prolong the life of the sewer.
Communication Brings About Coordinated Project with DDOT
Work will include construction of a new sewer to serve Valley Terrace housing development.
Award Winning Project Completed on Time and Under Budget
CSO 019 Overflow Structure on Anacostia River
Major Tunnel Relief Structure Completed
First Street Tunnel Community Day Tour
Flood Relief System Online in Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park
Largest Component of Clean Rivers is Designed and Ready for Construction
CSO 013 Diversion Chamber Access Points
Innovative Contracting for Clean Rivers Construction
Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station
Millions of gallons of combined sewage will wind up here for treatment
Tying Steel at Poplar Point
New Sewage Pumping Station Under Construction at Poplar Point
New Enhanced Nitrogen Removal Facilities
Plant now exceeds more stringent EPA requirements
Potomac River
CSO Relief being Planned for Potomac River
CSO 021
First Clean Rivers Project in the Potomac Sewershed Underway
Benefits include increased pressure inside and enhanced flows outside
Benefits include reducing stream and groundwater infiltration and sanitary sewer overflows.
JBAB Overflow and Diversion Structures
Constructing a Major Component of Clean River's First Phase
Upgrades are designed to improve water quality and water pressure
GI Working to Mitigate Flooding in Bloomingdale
Benefits include improving the structural integrity of an aging sewer system.
Project will include the replacement of electrical and ventilation systems and lighting.
Drop Shaft Near Tingey Street SE
Major Construction Ongoing in Navy Yard to Mitigate CSO's
Project includes the installation of over 90,000 meters and meter transmitting units
The scope of work includes site improvements and exterior and interior tank enhancements.
Example of Typical Bioretention
Design Underway for First Potomac River GI Elements
This project includes ventilation improvements and other water infrastructure upgrades
Work includes the rehabilitation and relocation of 15-inch and 10-inch sewers in the Arboretum.
Fort Reno Green Roof Plants
Using GI at Our Facilities to Learn and Minimize CSOs