We Love Talking About What We Do!

Many of our employees are subject matter experts about a wide range of topics in the water and sewer industry. Our speakers are available to make a short presentation and answer questions at meetings throughout the District. There is no charge for this service, and arrangements can be made for both day and evening meetings. We offer presentations to all types of audiences including neighborhood associations, schools, business and civic organizations, community groups and religious institutions. 

To request a speaker, please email speakers.bureau@dcwater.com.

Speakers Bureau Topics


Customer Services 

  • Serving You — Serving Your Neighborhood: Learn about programs that assist our customers in need 
  • Water and Sewer Rates — Understanding Your Bill 
  • Interactive Customer Service Tools 
  • Preventing Sewer Back-ups and Floods 
  • Getting Rid of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) the Right Way 


  • The History of the District's Water and Sewer Systems 
  • Careers in the Water and Wastewater Industry 
  • Safety and Security for Water/Sewer Services in the Nation’s Capital 
  • Safety is Everybody’s Business: How do we prepare for emergencies at home or in the workplace 
  • DC Water Today and Tomorrow: Learn about financial history and the challenges we face 
  • Information Technology Challenges at a Public Utility 
  • Effective Labor Relations Practices and Programs 

Infrastructure and the Environment 

  • DC Water's Role in Protecting the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay 
  • Managing and Upgrading an Aging Underground Infrastructure 
  • Water and Sewer Projects in the District or in Your Neighborhood 
  • Clean Rivers Project 

Supplying Water in the Nation's Capital 

  • The History of the Water Distribution System in the District 
  • Wise Water Use 
  • Tap Water vs. Bottled Water 
  • DC Water's Lead Service Line Replacement Program and Minimizing Lead Exposure 

Wastewater Treatment 

  • Wastewater Treatment Protects Health and Resources 
  • It's Not Sludge Anymore — It's Biosolids 

If your organization would like to hear about a topic not listed, we want to hear from you. Please email your topic to speakers.bureau@dcwater.com or call 202-787-2200 with your idea.

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