Lead Pipe Replacement Occurs During Construction Projects or By Request

Construction Projects

Each year, DC Water replaces lead service pipes in conjunction with other construction projects. These projects include water main replacements, emergency repairs and District Department of Transportation (DDOT) projects. During these projects, DC Water replaces water service pipes in public space, including existing lead service pipes, and will offer to coordinate the replacement of the water service pipe on private property at the owner's expense. Property owners are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to replace the portion of a lead pipe on their private property.

Requests for lead service pipe replacement must be made by the property owner. DC Water strongly encourages tenants of single and multi-family residences to request that the property owner call Customer Service at (202) 354-3600 or email lead@dcwater.com to take advantage of the opportunity for lead service pipe replacement.

Voluntary Replacements

DC Water customers who voluntarily choose to replace their lead service pipe can participate in DC Water's voluntary lead service pipe replacement program. If a property owner meets specific requirements and agrees to pay for lead service pipe replacement on their private property, DC Water will coordinate and replace the portion in public space at the same time. For more information about voluntary lead service pipe replacements, visit the voluntary lead service replacement page, call Customer Service at (202) 354-3600 or email lead@dcwater.com.