Third Party Portal

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Third Party Portal

This new web and mobile application is for third party partners who perform services on behalf of DC Water. The covered activities include:

Backflow Prevention Assembly:
Record and track the installation, replacement and inspection of backflow prevention assemblies.

Fire Hydrant
Record and track the usage of fire hydrants under a specific permit.

Water Taps
Schedule tap installations from DC Water against a permit. 
Record and track installation, replacement, abandonment of water taps. 
Request issue of water meters against installed taps.

Sewer Laterals
Record and track the installation and abandonment of sewer laterals and clean outs.

Grease Traps
Track and report on the maintenance of the grease abatement systems at the required frequency in accordance with 21 DCMR § 1502.18.

Electronic Permits (ePermits) Apply for the following permits:

  • Request for Information
  • Fire Hydrant Flow Test
  • Temporary Connection Plan
  • Water and Sewer Availability Letter
  • Raze
  • Sheeting & Shoring
  • Development Plan
  • Letter in Lieu of Flow Test