Photo of a green infrastructure installation on Kennedy Street NW
Leveraging Green Infrastructure for the Triple Bottom Line

Our green projects are doing a lot more than just capturing stormwater.

Cover of DC Water's FY22 ESG+R Report
Success Stories from DC Water’s 2022 ESG+R Report

DC Water is the first - and only - municipal water utility in the nation to issue this type of comprehensive ESG report.

Photo of Rahil Fofana
Delivering Tomorrow’s Solutions Today

This inspiring employee has already made history, but we're confident that's just the beginning.

DC Water Apprentice Richard Salmon on the Job
A Life Changing Experience

Apprenticeship as a Gateway to New Life Pathways

Bloom Trucks in the field
Blooming Everywhere: Why You’re Seeing More of DC Water’s Bloom

Our "homemade" soil conditioner is taking off

Reflections on Two Years Leading DC Water

Reflections on Two Years Leading DC Water

Hand washing is one of the most important ways to protect yourself
COVID-19: Water’s Role in Protecting Public Health

Access to clean water helps stop the spread of the disease. Top of the list of things you can do is wash your hands.

Safeguarding our Water Source, the Potomac River

High-quality drinking water begins with healthy waterways. This year’s Drinking Water Week reminds us that it is important we “Protect the Source” of our water.

Coming Together to Clean the Anacostia

Team Blue pitched in for the annual Anacostia Watershed Society Earth Day Cleanup.

Working Together to Protect Against Lead in Water

DC Water and other agencies participate in "Lead Free Kids for a Healthy Future," a national campaign to prevent childhood lead exposure through education and action.