Request For Information

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Effective July 1, 2023, all requests for information, including Countermap and Meter Sizing Worksheet RFIs, will require payment for processing.  Updated information and fees below.

Through this form, DC Water Permit Operations will provide a permit applicant with basic information on the existing water and sewer infrastructure that, in most cases, should be sufficient for design. 

Payment of processing fees will be required to initiate work for all RFIs.  Payment instructions will be provided on the confirmation email to be generated after the webform is submitted.

The types of requests of information available and processing fees are:

  1. Countermaps and GIS Map – Includes water & sewer countermaps, a GIS snapshot of water/sewer infrastructure around the project and tap information for the property.  Countermaps and GIS maps contain the information needed to submit a civil plan set to DC Water for review, such as sewer inverts, pipe location and structures. Note that countermaps were last updated around 2005 and information on GIS maps may supersede countermaps.  Also, our office does not have any information on sewer laterals, and limited information on water laterals. Fee: $175; Expedited fee: $350.
  2. Meter Sizing Worksheet RFI – Provides information required to complete a small service Meter Sizing Worksheet: distance from main to curb in front of the property, theoretical static pressure at the main, and existing meter and service sizes. Fee: $175; Expedited fee: $350.
  3. Letter in Lieu of Flow Test - For small projects with fire demand of 100 GPM or less, DC Water can provide a signed letter addressed to the Fire Marshall to be used in place of a fire hydrant flow test.  The letter includes the pressure zone, site elevation and the theoretical static pressure (psi) for a single location.  Fee: $250.

RFIs will be fulfilled by email.  Processing time for RFIs is 20 calendar days after payment has been received; 10 days for expedited processing.

Once you have received and reviewed the Counter maps and GIS map and find your project requires additional information, you may call our office at 202-646-8600 to collect any available as-builts.  Fees will apply for the time spent researching as-builts drawings.

If you have any further questions on RFIs, please contact us by email or by phone.

Email address:

Phone number: (202) 646-8600