Design and Construction Standards

Updates to the DC Water Project Design Manual are Available Now

As part of our continuous improvement to the DC Water design and construction standards, we are pleased to announce the approval and release of updates to two volumes of our Project Design Manual (PDM).  The PDM is the primary guide reference for managing and preparing design projects for assets that DC Water will operate and maintain after they are constructed.  The PDM is to be followed by any individual(s) or firm(s) performing design of these assets, whether directly or indirectly for DC Water.  The PDM consists of three manuals, which are:

  • Volume 1 – Project Management
  • Volume 2 – Facilities Design
  • Volume 3 – Linear Infrastructure Design

Revisions to Volumes 1 and 3 were completed and approved for release in Feb and July of 2018 respectively. Volume 2 is currently in revision and will be made available when approved. We look forward to working with you to build a better DC Water.  Approved standard documents for those performing design and construction at DC Water are available by clicking on the appropriate link on this page.

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