Procurement Policy

Effective June 12, 2009, DC Water’s became an independent agency of District of Columbia and DC Water’s procurement is solely governed by DC Water Procurement Regulations and Procurement Manual.  The Procurement Manual is issued by the CEO and General Manager of the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority and remain in effect unless modified by written amendment made by the CEO and General Manager. References to "§" are references to the Procurement Regulations of the Authority, which are Chapter 53 to Title 21 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations, 21 DCMR, Chapter 53.

The Procurement Manual is designed to guide DC Water’s staff in implementing the DC Water's Procurement Regulations in the acquisition of all goods and services, including construction services, for DC Water.

The CEO and General Manager may, in his or her discretion and without any formal amendment to the Manual, waive any of the guidelines or procedures set forth in the Manual, except any that are explicitly required by the Regulations.

You can view and down the copy of Procurement Regulations and Manual here:

Procurement Regulations

Procurement Manual