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*** For Immediate Distribution ****

DC Water is extending the effective date of System Availability Fees from January 1, 2018 to June 1, 2018.

All other elements of the new fee remain the same.

Developers/Homeowners Services

All residents, private companies and government agencies must obtain approval from DC Water prior to performing any work that directly or indirectly affects the public water and/or sewerage systems. The Permit Operations Department is the starting point for all of DC Water's permit services. Permit Operations can provide you with mapping of the existing water and sewer infrastructure and can answer many of your questions. If you have general permitting questions please call 202-646-8600.

We are located at:

1100 4th St SW, Suite 310

Washington, DC 20024

Directions here

Public Hours of Operation:

Monday - Wednesday and Friday

8:30am -4:00pm


10:30am - 4pm

If your project is more complex, then your plan will need to be reviewed and approved by the Department of Engineering and Technical Services to verify your design is in conformance with DC Water Standards. If you have questions about larger more complex projects please call 202-646-8600.