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Private-side Partial Lead Replacements

Lead Pipe Replacement Assistance Program (LPRAP)

**Guidelines and materials for plumbers and contractors**

If only the private portion of service pipe is lead (and the public portion is non-lead), the District will pay for free or discounted replacements.

First, check our lead map to confirm there is lead pipe on private property, and non-lead in public space. Alternatively, qualifying properties are listed here

Do I qualify for assistance?

Every property owner can receive a 50% discount, regardless of income. Some residents will qualify for 80% or 100% coverage depending on household size and income.


How do I sign up?
Full guidelines for the quote for proposed work and invoice, and an overview of the process are located here.  

  1. Contact a DC-licensed contractor or plumber and to obtain a Cost Proposal as part of the application process.
    Applicants can use the database from the DC Board of Industrial Trades to look up businesses by license type (e.g. Plumber Master).
  2. Contractor must provide completed Cost Proposal form to homeowner with proper documentation. This includes:
    • proposed construction methods
    • detailed price quote for the work
    • length of pipe to be replaced
    • pipe material to be installed
    • documentation of any special conditions
    • permit fee estimates
    • photos for visual identification of pipe
  3. Fill out the application online or print and send by mail. Applications will be considered in the order they are received. Applications must include:

  • Income verification documents
  • Photo(s) of water service pipe at point-of-entry (with shut-off valve and pipe breaking through wall, if visible)
  • Completed Cost Proposal (i.e. quote for work)