Waste Hauler Discharges

What does it mean? DC Water allows businesses and government agencies with a permit to discharge domestic (i.e., residential-type) septage, grease trap waste, uncontaminated non-wastewater flows, and other non-hazardous waste (allowed on a case-by-case basis) at the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWTP). It is illegal to discharge hauled waste directly to the District's wastewater system anywhere else within the District of Columbia.
Does this apply to me? This applies to you if you are a waste hauler and you would like to discharge waste at DC Water's Blue Plains AWTP.
When do I apply? It takes approximately two weeks to validate and process the applications.
What do I need to submit?
  • Waste Hauler Discharge Permit Application;
  • Haulers Wastewater Source Authorization - Hauled wastewater categorized as Low or Domestic Strength; or generated from Industrial or Commercial Facility activities (excluding grease trap or grease interceptor wastewater), requires written authorization from DC Water before discharging into the Blue Plains Septate Receiving Facility. 
  • Analysis of the wastewater (for non-domestic waste), if requested; and
  • List of non-domestic (i.e., commercial and industrial) sources and customers served, if required.
  • Certificate of insurance
Where do I go and apply?

The application package shall be mailed or delivered to the Pretreatment Program Manager at:

DC Water
Department of Wastewater Treatment
Pretreatment Program
5000 Overlook Ave., SW
Washington, D.C. 20032
Telephone: 202-787-4177

For expeditious processing, a copy of your application package may also be emailed to pretreatment@dcwater.com (with hard copy to follow in the mail).

How long will it take? Two weeks
What do I Receive? Waste Hauler Discharge Permit (note that each vehicle must be permitted prior to entering the Blue Plains AWTP)
What are DC Water's fees for this? Annual permit fee per vehicle and monthly fee for volume based disposal charges.

Please see the DC Water fee schedule page for additional information about fees related to permitting. An invoice will be issued upon receipt of the permit application.

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For more Info, call: Pretreatment Program Manager
Additional Info Once a permit is obtained, waste haulers may discharge domestic septage, portable toilet waste, grease trap waste, uncontaminated non-wastewater flows, and other approved non-hazardous waste generated in the District of Columbia, Prince Georges County, Montgomery County, Fairfax County, Arlington County and Loudoun County at the Septage Receiving Facility at Blue Plains. Each vehicle must be permitted prior to entering the Blue Plains AWTP and the driver must have a copy of the permit available and submit a completed Hauled Waste Manifest Form to security to gain access to the plant. Our normal hours of operation are 8:00 am -  12:00 am Monday through Sunday (including holidays), unless written approval is obtained from the Pretreatment Program staff for authorization to discharge outside of these hours. Hours may be modified/restricted during the winter months. Random samples of hauled waste loads are collected and analyzed by DC Water. The permit is valid for one year.
Regulatory Info Section 1510 of the Pretreatment regulations - District of Columbia Municipal Regulations Chapter 15 of Title 21 titled "Discharges to Wastewater System".