LPRAP Materials and Guidance for Plumbers and Contractors

***BEGINNING OCT 1, 2020: Only contractors listed on the Lead Partial Replacement Assistance Program (LPRAP)

The income limits and application can be found at doee.dc.gov/service/leadlinereplacement. Property owners are required to contact a DC-licensed plumber/contractor to complete a Cost Proposal form for the work as part of the application process. Applicants can use the database from the DC Board of Industrial Trades to look up businesses by license type (e.g. Plumber Master).

It is encouraged to submit two Cost Proposals with the application. Additional Cost Proposal from another contractor may be required for quotes that exceed set maximum unit costs.

Contractors and plumbers can direct questions and materials to leadwork@dcwater.com.

DO NOT START WORK until you have received a benefit confirmation letter from DOEE. Work completed before benefit approval will be ineligible for assistance under this program


  1. Homeowner will contact contractor/plumber and receive project quote as part of the application process.
  2. Contractor must provide completed Cost Proposal form to homeowner with proper documentation. This includes:
    • proposed construction methods
    • detailed price quote for the work
    • length of pipe to be replaced
    • pipe material to be installed
    • documentation of any special conditions
    • permit fee estimates
    • photos for visual identification of pipe

  3. Homeowner will apply through DOEE.

Review Process
Within 30 days of receiving the application:

  1. DOEE will review the submitted application to ensure it is complete. If it is not, DOEE will require the applicant to submit necessary materials or re-apply. After discount amount is approved, DOEE will send the Cost Proposal to DC Water.

  2. DC Water will evaluate the Cost Proposal(s) to ensure the proposed work and costs are appropriate and reasonable. 

    If proposed costs exceed the threshold costs ($200 per linear foot of copper pipe, $1,250 for penetration costs, $700 for permitting, communications, and miscellaneous costs), then DC Water will review additional documentation and site conditions to determine if proposed costs are reasonable. The following are examples of conditions may increase project costs:

    • Service line replacement goes under the house, or a projection such as a porch or stairs
    • Service line depth is greater than 8 ft.
    • Excavations requiring concrete removal
    • Other obstructions caused by utilities’ services or trees that require hand digging 

  3. If Cost Proposal is approved, DOEE will send approval letter to homeowner. 

Prior to Work

  1. Homeowner and contractor will schedule the work. Work must be completed and invoice must be submitted within 90 days of application approval to receive benefit, or homeowner may have to reapply.
  2. Contractor will submit completed W9 & Vendor Information Form to DC Water at leadwork@dcwater.com, if not already registered in the DC Water Vendor System.
  3. Contractor will obtain proper DCRA and DDOT permits for work. DC Water will assist Contractors with DDOT permit preparation and application to the benefit of both the Contractor and Homeowner. To allow DC Water to apply for and obtain DDOT permit on behalf of the Contractor, the Contractor must complete and sign the Public Space Permit Agent Agreement and send it to DC Water via leadwork@dcwater.com.
  4. Contractor will notify DC Water 48 hours in advance of scheduled work. Contact DC Water at leadwork@dcwater.com or call (202) 787-2708.
    • To verify lead pipe, contractor should cut wall to see pipe point-of-entry into home.
      • If the pipe is lead, proceed with work.
      • If the pipe is copper, contractor should dig test pit outside house (on private property). If this, too, shows copper, contractor should call DC Water (202-787-2708) to ensure another test pit is needed. 

Completion and Inspection of Work

  1. Contractor will replace the pipe and have DCRA inspect and approve the work. If a DCRA employee is not available to complete the inspection, they will send a contracted inspector.
  2. Contractor will flush outside hose bib for 30 minutes immediately after work.
  3. Homeowner will filter water used for drinking and cooking. DC Water will provide free filter via mail. To reduce potential particulate lead exposure, homeowner must follow all flushing and filtering guidance. 
  4. If requested, DC Water will access inside home for onsite inspection of the replacement.

Payment for Work

  1. Contractor will invoice DC Water for previously approved discount amount of the cost of work. Contractor will submit completed Tap Card & signed Payment Request form.
  2. Contractor will also provide the DCRA or 3rd party inspection report, as well as photos of 1) the new copper pipe attached to the curb stop, 2) the new copper pipe attached to the 1st fitting with visible shut-off valve, and 3) before/after restoration photos. 
  3. If the actual cost of the work is more than the approved quote, the contractor will provide written justification with supporting documentation to DC Water for review: leadwork@dcwater.com or call (202) 787-2708.
    ** There is no guarantee that the additional amount will be approved if the conditions were not highlighted in the quote provided with the application.
  4. DC water will pay the contractor the previously approved discount amount within 30 days of receiving the invoice, and notify homeowner of the payment. Homeowner is responsible for paying the contractor the remaining balance of the cost of work.

Questions and materials can be sent to leadwork@dcwater.com. Alternatively, contact (202) 787-2708.