Tingey Street Diversion Sewer Project

CSO 013 Diversion Chamber Access Points


In January 2012, DC Water entered into a unique public‐private partnership with "The Yards" developer Forest City to design and construct the Tingey Street Diversion Sewer, an important facility to mitigate combined sewer overflows to the Anacostia River. In order to accommodate the opening of several key components of “The Yards,” a strategy was needed to advance the Tingey Street Diversion Sewer through the central portion of the mixed use development earlier than previously planned in order to mitigate impacts to the community and the redevelopment of the Navy Yard.

The solution was found through innovation and collaboration. After entering into an agreement with DC Water, Forest City managed the competitive solicitation for contractors and the design and construction process. Forest City successfully constructed the 72 inch diameter tunnel, two diversion chambers and a junction manhole as part of the development project, while maintaining the schedule of "The Yards." 


The construction of the Tingey Street Diversion Sewer was completed in January 2014 and will be placed into permanent operation in March 2018 when the Clean Rivers system is brought online.

Project Location Map