Rock Creek Green Infrastructure Project A

Thank You!

DC Water thanks you for your patience during construction of green infrastructure (GI)! We hope you enjoy the improvements to your neighborhood. You can find the GI practices constructed within the Rock Creek Project A area by clicking on the interactive map below:



Rock Creek Project A is part of DC Water's Clean Rivers GI Projects. It is the first GI project constructed in the Rock Creek Sewershed to significantly reduce the level of pollution to Rock Creek produced by the discharge of stormwater runoff and sanitary sewer flows, known as combined sewer overflows (CSOs).

Rock Creek Project A was completed in October 2018 and involved the construction of innovative GI technologies that include bioretention (rain gardens) in planter strips and curb extensions, permeable pavement on streets and alleys and two GI Parks. These practices manage stormwater by taking advantage of the earth's natural processes, such as allowing the water to infiltrate into the soil, evaporate into the air or be used by plants which transpire it as vapor. In addition to managing stormwater, GI contributes to beautifying the streetscape and making it more welcoming for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers.

Examples of typical Green Infrastructure Practices within the Streetscape


To ensure continued performance of GI and the associated reduction of combined sewer overflows, the GI facilities must be maintained regularly.  DC Water is responsible for maintenance of GI facilities. If you notice trash or other issues in the facilities, please contact DC Water and note the Facility ID located on the sign.  Facility ID signs can be found at each GI facility that DC Water constructed in your neighborhood. For more information, see the GI Maintenance Factsheet in the Project Documents above.

Project Location Map

Rock Creek Project A area extends from Oglethorpe Street NW and Gallatin Street NW to the north and south and 3rd Place NW to First Street NE to the west and east. Rock Creek Project A is within the Brightwood Park and Manor Park neighborhoods of northwest Washington, DC.

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