Poplar Point Pumping Station Project

Tying Steel at Poplar Point


Rendering of the new Poplar Point Pumping Station (click to enlarge)

Construction was completed on the 55 million gallons per day Poplar Point Pumping Station (PP-PS), which is situated between South Capitol Street, Suitland Parkway and the Anacostia Freeway in southeast DC. The new Pumping Staton replaced the original Poplar Point Pumping Station which served the District beginning in 1915. The PP-PS handles sewage flows from much of southeast DC. Sewage flows by gravity to the PP-PS through the existing Anacostia Main Interceptor, where it will be "lifted" and discharged into the major sewers that deliver flow to Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. The PP-PS incorporates green design elements such as photovoltaic solar panels, an extensive green roof and green infrastructure incorporated into the landscape.

Scope of Work

  • Construction of a new 55 million gallon per day sewage pumping station
  • Construction of a new Anacostia Main Interceptor Diversion Sewer to convey flow to the pumping station
  • Construction of a new Barry Road Diversion Sewer to convey flow from the Barry Road area to the pumping station
  • Installation of a chamber to deliver sewage to the main sewers that connect to Blue Plains


DC Water worked closely with multiple stakeholders to provide timely information about the project, to solicit input, and to ease the burdens of construction. These stakeholders included residents, other utility service providers, District Department of Transportation, District Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development and the Commission of Fine Arts. DC Water also coordinated with Advisory Neighborhood Commissions to provide regular updates.

Project Location Map