New Fats, Oils, Grease Program Fee

The fats, oils, grease fee fact sheet is available here

Please review frequently asked questions below, and call (202) 364-3144 for more information. 

What is this fee?

Beginning August 1, 2019, customers will be billed $13.70 for each restaurant/food-serving establishment associated with their property. The new fee will help prevent fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from entering and damaging the sewer system.

Who is required to pay this fee?

Only food-serving establishments (FSEs) licensed with the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs will be affected by this new monthly fee. Customers with properties that contain multiple FSEs will be charged $13.70 for each FSE in service.

Why is FOG a problem?

Licensed establishments are required by law to have and maintain FOG-collection systems. This helps reduce the amount of FOG that enters the sewer system. FOG solidifies in sewers and causes widespread clogs, backups, and other issues for customers throughout the District.

Why are you charging this fee? Where will the money go?

DC Water’s Compliance Program works with these establishments to help them adhere to the District’s codes regulating the installation, inspection, maintenance, and documentation of FOG-capturing equipment.

This new fee will pay for DC Water’s inspection efforts, as well as DC Water’s Third Party Portal—an online record system and smartphone application for customers to document required maintenance and cleaning of FOG-collection systems. 

Are there exemptions to this fee?

Yes, there are certain exemptions for sites that have verified zero FOG discharge, licensed under the separate DC Water Industrial Pretreatment Program or sites undergoing renovations.

If you think you qualify for this exemption, download, complete, and sign this questionnaire, and send an electronic copy to

Are there regulations associated with these fees and the questionnaire?

Yes. Grease abatement system maintenance and DC Water's Compliance Program are subject to the authority of the Wastewater System Regulation Amendment Act of 1985, (D.C. Law 6-95, D.C. Official Code 8-105.01 et seq.) as amended and Chapter 15 “Discharges to Wastewater System” of Title 21 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations. The statute cited, together with implementing regulations, authorize DC Water to require corrective action within a specified time period and to require submission of information and records requested herein.


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