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Green Bonds

In July 2014, DC Water issued its inaugural green bond to finance a portion of the DC Clean Rivers Project. This historic $350 million issuance represented DC Water's inaugural green bond issue and the first "certified" green bond in the US debt capital markets with an independent second party sustainability opinion. It was also the first municipal century bond issued by a water/wastewater utility in the United States. The issuance achieved its green certification based upon the DC Clean Rivers Project's environmental benefits, which include improving water quality by remediating CSOs, promoting climate resilience through flood mitigation and improving quality of life through promotion of biodiversity and waterfront restoration.

DC Water continues to offer green bonds, attracting diverse investors including a new class of socially and environmentally conscious investors.

The DC Water Board has adopted a Green Bond Framework which is aligned with the four ICMA (International Capital Market Association) Principles regarding use of proceeds, project selection, management of proceeds, and reporting.

Green Bond Reports:

2023 Green Bond PDF

FY 2023 Green Bond Report

2022 Green Bond PDF

FY 2022 Green Bond Report

2021 Green Bond PDF

FY 2021 Green Bond Report

2020 Green Bond PDF

FY 2020 Green Bond Report

2019 Green Bond PDF

FY 2019 Green Bond Report

2018 Green Bond PDF

FY 2018 Green Bond Report

2017 Green Bond PDF

FY 2017 Green Bond Report

2016 Green Bond PDF

FY 2016 Green Bond Report

FY 2015 Green Bond Report

FY 2014 Green Bond Report

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