Fire Hydrant Use Permit

What does it mean? If you need a water source for construction, demolition, dust control or for similar purposes, we recommend using a Temporary Water Connection, a water truck, or an on-site water storage tank. If these water sources are not available or are prohibited at your project site and you wish to use a fire hydrant as a temporary water source, you must first obtain a Fire Hydrant Use Permit from DC Water. This permit will authorize the applicant to operate a particular fire hydrant for the purpose of obtaining water on a temporary basis.
Effective March 28, 2014 Fire Hydrant Use Requirements
When do I apply? We recommend applying for a permit at least two weeks before the permit is needed. It typically takes one to two weeks for DC Water to process an application.
What do I need to submit? Submit a completed  Temporary Use of a Fire Hydrant application and site plan that shows the location of the hydrant. You can visit the following link to find the hydrant location and status information.
Where do I go and apply?

Bring your application, and payment to:

DC Water Permit Operations
Attn: Fire Hydrant Use Permit
1100 4th St. SW Suite 310
Washington, DC 20024

How long will it take? It typically takes one to two weeks for DC Water to process an application.
What do I Receive? You will receive a Fire Hydrant Use Permit which entitles the applicant to operate the hydrant for their use. The permit must be kept on site at all times while the fire hydrant is being used.
What are DC Water's fees for this? $700

Applicant receives a water meter from DC Water to measure water usage.

The applicant is required is bring the meter to 301 Bryant St. NW once every 30 days to have the meter read and pay for usage. If the meter is not brought in, an estimate will be determined and a bill will be sent to the applicant.

Checks or money orders made payable to DC Water are accepted. Credit cards are also accepted at the 1100 4th St. SW office.

For more Info, call:

If you need additional information or help, please contact DC Water Permit Operations at 202-646-8600.

For questions about water meters for long-term hydrant use, call DC Water Meter Operations at 202-612-3485.

Additional Info Approved users of fire hydrants are responsible for the following:
  1. Any damage to the fire hydrant outside of normal wear and usage
  2. Obtaining a qualified individual to operate the hydrant
  3. Disconnecting all hoses from the fire hydrant when it is not in use
  4. Obtaining a public space permit from the District Department of Transportation for placing hoses in public space
  5. Obtaining an approved backflow preventer (ASSE 1013 Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer) to eliminate any possibility of contamination of the water supply
  6. Ensuring that the hydrant remains accessible for emergency service at all times.