Your Neighborhood is Our Office

You can find DC Water’s employees at neighborhood events, schools, festivals, or even just handing out water on a hot day. We do this because we care about our community. We travel throughout our city, meeting those who live or work in the District so we can understand your concerns and share updates about your water and sewer service.

You can tap into our wide range of community outreach services by requesting an expert speaker from our Speakers Bureau, inviting our employees to teach your students in the classroom, or by attending one of our many community events. At DC Water, we know how important it is to be out in our community, listening to our customers and providing information about the vital services we provide.

DC Water employees are involved in our local community by volunteering for many activities and fundraisers throughout the District. Our employees consider working at DC Water more than just a job- we care about our community, the work we do and those we serve.