Advisory Council

At DC Water, we just don’t “do” diversity. Our mission is to reflect diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our how the Authority conducts its business. This includes ensuring that barriers are removed from processes and procedures that impact our business partners, both large and small.  

The revised Business Development Plan that was approved by the Board of Directors in June, 2020, establishes the roadmap for engaging diverse suppliers in DC Water’s procurement programs. The Plan sets the stage for the Authority to bring together a dynamic group of partners who will provide guidance and feedback on the Authority’s procurement programs and its related processes and initiatives. The newly created Business Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council brings together diverse perspectives and recommendations on how the Authority can continue to further engage our certified firms and provide more opportunities to do business with DC Water. 

Our message is clear-- DC Water is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Therefore, DC Water wants to make sure that our initiatives and programs are meaningful and impactful as we carry out our mission to provide clean, safe and reliable water to the communities we serve. 

To find out more about The Business Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council, click here.