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DC Water Warns Customers about Possible Scams

June 20, 2018

DC Water is warning customers that scammers claiming to represent the utility may be calling and asking for personal information or to send a technician to the home. DC Water has received two reports from customers who stated they received such a call and one customer received an at-home visit from someone claiming he was from the water/electric utility and was checking for high water use. DC Water did not make the calls nor send a technician. Further, we are not associated with an electric provider.

Customers should be aware of the following information:

  • Please ask for identification from anyone arriving at your home claiming to be from DC Water. (see uniform here:
  • DC Water does not dispatch a technician to investigate high water usage or test water quality without the customer requesting the service.  
  • While DC Water does accept payments over the phone and the internet, we never make calls asking for any financial information.
  • If you want to pay your bill over the internet or over the phone, please only do so when you initiate the transaction.
  • If you get a call or email asking for bank information, it is probably a scam, so hang up and please call (202) 354-3600 to report it to DC Water.
  • If someone claiming to be from DC Water shows up at your door asking for access, please do not allow them in and call (202) 354-3600 to report it. DC Water does have a meter replacement project underway- you may call (202) 612-3473 to see if the project team is in your neighborhood.