Paving Release Public Space Permits

What does it mean? Prior to releasing a street or sidewalk area for paving by a private citizen or company, District Department of Transportation (DDOT) distributes a "Paving Release" form to affected agencies and departments for sign-off to ensure that work is complete and that there is no damage to utilities in the area. DC Water reviews and signs-off on "Paving Releases" as applicable.
Does this apply to me? If your project requires roadway paving or sidewalk installation/replacement in public space, you must obtain approval from DDOT prior to commencing the paving activity.
When do I apply?

The typical approval cycle for a Paving Release is 30 days so it is recommended that the request be made at least 30 days in advance.

This should not be done before the construction of utilities in public space has been completed.

What do I need to submit?  
Where do I go and apply? See the DDOT website for submission requirements. The Paving Release request will be forwarded by DDOT to DC Water.
How long will it take? The typical approval cycle for a Paving Release is 30 days.
What do I Receive? A Paving Release signed-off by the necessary government agencies and local authorities.
What are DC Water's fees for this? DC Water does not charge an application or review fee for Paving Releases.
For more Info, call: Permit Operations Department at 202-646-8600.