NOFOL (Notice to Follow-Up) Compliance Fee (FAQ)

What is a NOFOL?

Notice of Follow Up (NOFOL) Compliance Fee is a one-time fee assessed to non-residential customers to emphasize the importance of addressing deficiencies noted by technicians following an inspection of the meter. Repair notices are issued when conditions exist that impede the transmission of meter readings or prohibit DC Water from reading, testing, accessing, or repairing the water meter or the meter transmitting device. The fee will be assessed to non-residential customers who have received the initial notification and a 14-day reminder notice without making repairs or failed to advise DC Water that the repair was completed. Customers that receive the fee due to non-compliance may also be billed on estimated reads until the outstanding issues are remedied.

How much is the fee?

NOFOL Non-Compliant Penalty (New)   $475