Miscellaneous Fees & Charges

In FY 2018, DC Water performed a Miscellaneous Fees and Charges Cost of Service Study to ensure our fees and charges cover the cost of providing services. The last comprehensive study of miscellaneous fees was conducted in 2011.  We have worked with an outside consultant to help ensure that the proposed fees are reasonable and generally represent the cost of providing the service.  The analysis also took into account the level of fees in comparison to peer utilities in the region.  As a result, in some instances, no increase was recommended.

Rulemaking Schedule

1. RRC COS Update and Recommendation on Proposed Amendments to Miscellaneous Fees & Charges October 23, 2018
2. Board Approval of Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) for Miscellaneous Fees & Charges November 1, 2018
3. Publish NOPR in DC Register November 23, 2018
4. Public Comment Period November 23 - December 24, 2018
5. RRC Final Recommendation to Approve Amendments for Miscellaneous Fees & Charges January 22, 2019
6. Board Approval of Notice of Final Rulemaking (NOFR) February 7, 2019
7. Publish NOFR in DC Register February 22, 2019
8. Miscellaneous Fees & Charges Go-Live August 1, 2019 (FY 2019)
9. FOG and BPI Fees Go-Live August 1, 2019 (FY 2019)