Event Request

As a service to the community, DC Water provides the following water facilities for community events with a minimum group size of 100 participants. DC Water brings hydration services and information to festivals, parades, and other non-profit celebrations within the District of Columbia free of charge, depending on availability. For other events, there may be a charge for equipment and services. Event requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Pricing is as follows and is used to recover the cost of equipment maintenance and personnel for the event. 

Please utilize the form below to request resources for your event. Requests may be made two weeks in advance, beginning April 1 and ending September 1. Requests are not confirmed until contact has been made by DC Water.

  • Misting Tent - A 10' x 10' tent that provides a constant cool, refreshing mist and shade from the sun. 
    For a photograph, please click here.     Cost: $550.00 per unit per day
  • Cooling Station - Large five-gallon coolers filled with ice and tap water to keep people hydrated.
    For a photograph, please click here.     Cost: $420.00 per unit per day
  • Brita Hydration Station - Portable, hands-free unit that dispenses chilled, filtered water.
    For a photograph, please click here.     Cost: $600.00 per unit per day
  • Wendy the Water Drop - Wendy the Water Drop is a major Ambassador for DC Water, and she loves to delight folks of all ages with her animated appearance and warm, inviting presence. Wendy accompanies DC Water’s outreach team to all public outreach events throughout the city, so you may soon see her at a location near you!
    For a photograph, please click here.     Cost: $50
  • Quench Buggy - DC Water’s Quench Buggy is a major attraction at public outreach events. With 4 fountains and 4 spigots on either of its 2 sides, cool, refreshing tap water may be provided for up to 16 participants at once.  
    For a photograph, please click here.     Cost: $2,500 per day

Additionally, if personnel costs are charged, they will follow this schedule:

Size of Event (Attendees)            Number of DC Water                     Cost per Event at $81/hour/person
                                                      Personnel Per Event1

100 – 2,000                                          2                                                             $162/hour
2,000 – 5,000                                       4                                                             $324/hour
5,000 or more                                      6                                                             $486/hour

1 Refers to the minimum number of personnel required for the event. Upon review of the event specifications, DC Water shall determine the appropriate number of personnel based on the assessed need.