Lead Free DC Construction Dashboard

DC Water and the District are working to replace all lead service lines by 2030.  There are multiple lead service line replacement programs planned to achieve the overall vision for Lead Free DC (LFDC). This page shows the location and status for all premises in the District. Future blocks and premises will be scheduled as funds are confirmed for applicable programs. DC Water selects blocks on an annual basis prioritizing underserved areas and vulnerable populations (presence of children). If the Program or Fiscal Year is undetermined for your search criteria, please call 202-787-4044 or email lead@dcwater.com for more information.  

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Top three ways to search and filter this page 

Customer Specific
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Enter the premise address in the search filter to check the status information of a specific address.
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Identify a Block or Project - Enter the block name including the geographical quadrant (NE, NW, SE, SW) to illustrate the status of one or more blocks. 


Categorize by Ward, ANC, or Multiple locations.
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Identified Capital Improvement Program 
Select the Fiscal Year or Program filters individually or combine them to identify the premises 

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Data Disclaimer:

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