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Sign up for high water usage alerts (HUNA), to get notified if your water usage is higher than normal. If there is a problem within your home, such as a broken pipe or leaking toilet, HUNA might be your first indication. This may help you determine the source of your problem and avoid high water bills. Please note, this service is offered as a courtesy to our customers and does not guarantee a leak will be detected.

Signing up is easy

  • If you're already registered for My DC Water, you're automatically registered for the alerts via e-mail.
  • If you don't have an online account, sign up for My DC Water today.

Please note that you may only elect one notification option. Simply check your preference by visiting your online account and selecting the "water usage history." Next select AMR history and you will see on the bottom right side of the page "set high usage notification preference." If you have questions, please call us at 202-354-3600.

  • You may also call Customer Service at 202-354-3600 or send an email to custserv@dcwater.com to request high usage alerts via telephone. Be sure to include your name, service address, telephone number and DC Water account number.

DC Water's high water alert service is linked to a powerful tool that tracks how much water you use on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Once we've tracked your water usage for a full year, we'll let you know when your water usage is significantly higher for four consecutive days. A spike in water usage could be caused by:

  • A leaking toilet
  • An unattended hose
  • An internal plumbing problem or leaky faucet

Higher water use can also be caused by ordinary life events, such as:

  • More people in your home than usual, taking baths and showers
  • Doing more loads of laundry than usual
  • Making home improvements involving plumbing
  • Doing a landscaping project or starting a new lawn
  • Washing your car more often than usual

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