Protecting our Water to Preserve our Future

DC Water is an environmental steward with a simple goal: to protect the environment and meet or surpass all regulatory standards. We use research, modern technologies, and industry best practices to keep our waterways and land clean and safe.

At the Blue Plains Advance Wastewater Treatment facility, we treat over 380 million gallons of wastewater every day. That cleaned water then flows into the Potomac River. The biosolids we create are reused in agriculture, providing farmers with fertilizer to help their crops grown and save them money. Treating the water and solids from wastewater keeps excess nitrogen and phosphorous out of our waterways, protecting our water and the plant and animal life within it.

Our Clean Rivers Project will reduce overflows from the combined sewer system and improve flooding conditions around the District. We are also installing green infrastructure in areas around the City to help reduce flooding and treat stormwater runoff. These projects help to improve the health of our local waterways and the quality of life in the District.