Critical Customers

Critical Customer Signup

What is a Critical Customer as it relates to DC Water emergencies?

DC Water 'Critical Customers' are defined as consumers or service connections that are critical to community resiliency (public safety or health), or demand a large volume of water to sustain economic resiliency, or service a susceptible population such as and specific to Washington DC:

  • First Responder Organizations / Police / Fire / EMTs
  • Hospitals / Medical Centers (including dialysis centers)
  • Local / Federal Government Facilities necessary for public safety / health
  • Mass Transit Stations
  • Nursing Homes / Assisted Living / Homeless Shelters
  • Potable Water Haulers
  • Power Provider
  • Public Shelters / Cooling Centers / Water Parks / Municipal Pools
  • Radio / TV Broadcast Centers
  • State / Local Emergency Management Agencies
  • Universities / High Schools / Elementary / Middle Schools / Preschool and Day Care Centers

Notifying all DC Water customers of a water or sewer emergency is one of our highest priorities, but specifically knowing where critical customers are and how to communicate with them assists the whole community in being resilient and in protecting susceptible populations. Emergency notifications are a time sensitive endeavor, and it is important for us to be able to contact critical customers quickly. Filling out the critical customer sigup helps us by providing up to date locations and contact information for a crucial customer facility.