Thanksgiving Give Back

Local student inspires Team Blue with generosity and initiative to help those in need.

Photo of the Blue Plains Tunnel
Clean Rivers and Impervious Cover

A detailed history of this important environmental project and how it is funded.

the best brew begins with DC Water
Smelly and Thirsty: Imagining a Day Without Water

Authority encourages students and commuters to contemplate the value of life's most critical resource.

Fake photo of shark swimming on Houston highway
Retaining Customer Trust in an Era of Fake News

In a challenging climate, part of the solution for utilities is to be more real.

Flooding in NW DC on August 12
The Battle Continues

A recent storm reminded us our work to expand the sewer system is not done

File photo of water main break
Let’s talk about the water main break next door

Yes, it happens to us as well. Here's an insider's perspective on this common disruption

Photo of student drawing a bee
The Buzz at Blue Plains

Our sprawling treatment plant is home to four healthy bee hives

The DC Water Team with J.O. Wilson Students
Class Outside

A teaching moment thanks to some thoughtful young students

One Drop Begets Another

DC Water Launches A Nonprofit Spinoff

DC Water's Emergency Management Chief
Semper Paratus

Or Why the Boss Sleeps Well at Night