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Traffic Advisory: Northeast Boundary Tunnel Brings Temporary R Street, NW Closure

August 02, 2019

(Washington, DC) – On or about Wednesday, August 7, 2019, DC Water's contractor will begin work at the 6th & R Streets, NW construction site which will require the closure of R Street between 6th Street and Rhode Island Avenue, NW. DC Water’s contractor will cut trenches across R Street to establish the water supply for a fire hydrant. This work is expected to take five days to complete and will occur between 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM to have the least possible impact on rush hour traffic. Please follow all road signs and directions.

Travel Detours and Parking Restrictions

R Street, NW

  • R Street, which travels in a one-way direction heading west, will be closed between 6th Street and Rhode Island Avenue, NW. Motorists and bicyclists traveling on R Street will be detoured south onto 6th Street. The detour continues right (west) onto P Street and then right (north) on 7th Street.
  • Parking on both sides of R Street between 6th Street and Rhode Island Avenue, NW will be prohibited during construction. Parking will be allowed during non-rush hour periods.

Pedestrian Detour

  • Pedestrians must walk along the southern sidewalk on R Street between 6th Street and Rhode Island Avenue, NW. The northern sidewalk on R Street will remain closed during construction.
  • Between R Street and Rhode Island Avenue, NW pedestrians must walk on the eastern side of 6th Street. The western sidewalk on 6th Street will remain closed during construction.
  • Pedestrians will notice signage for the closed sidewalk restricting access.

Additional Information

  • People who live or work near the affected locations will notice additional construction equipment and personnel as well as noise associated with construction activities.
  • Commuters and pedestrians will notice road signs and/or flagging personnel directing them safely around the construction site.

Project Details

The Northeast Boundary Tunnel is the largest component of the Clean Rivers Project. It begins south of RFK Stadium and will extend north to Rhode Island Avenue, NE and west to 6th Street, NW. When complete, the approximately five-mile-long tunnel will significantly reduce chronic flooding in areas it serves, as well as reduce the amount of combined sewer overflows into the Anacostia River.


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24/7 NEBT Hotline: (800) 988-6151

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