DC Water’s Bloom Soil Product Available at More Stores, Discount for Spring

Photo from Bloom Event
April 11, 2019

DC Water’s retail partners will offer its sustainable and effective planting product “Bloom” at a 20 percent discount between now and Earth Day, offering gardeners a perfect opportunity to stock up a unique product during peak planting season.
In addition, the new partnership with Annie’s Hardware makes it easier than ever for growers to find Bloom at a convenient location.
“Bloom is good for the Earth, good for planting and good for our community and customers,” said Chris Peot, Director of Resource Recovery at DC Water. “Every bag sold reduces our carbon footprint and saves our customers money by generating new sources of revenue for the Authority.”
Also attending the event was Earl Eutsler, Associate Director of DDOT's Urban Forestry Division, which has been an early adopter of Bloom soil for public street tree planting
DC Water began producing Bloom in 2015 and has steadily expanded its use by partnering with local gardeners, community gardens, landscape supply companies, tree nurseries and with Casey Trees, which plants more than thousands of trees a year in the District.
Bloom is a soil conditioner made from Class A Exceptional Quality biosolids (the leftover solids from reclaimed water treated at DC Water’s Blue Plains facility) and comes with a whole range of benefits. These include greater crop yields and better drought resistance, easy home garden and lawn care and the possibility of restoring urban soils and bringing community gardens back to health at an affordable price.
Bloom also saves energy and reduces our carbon footprint when compared to conventional petroleum-based fertilizers. It meets all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for use in home and garden and has been endorsed by a wide range of experts and farms.
For more information about Bloom, visit: bloomsoil.com, and to learn more about DC Water, visit: www.dcwater.com