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The AlleyPalooza Campaign is Mayor Muriel Bowser’s initiative to focus on alley reconstruction in the District of Columbia.  DC Water through its Clean Rivers Project partnered with DDOT to construct a type of green infrastructure (GI) called permeable pavement in alleys (or green alleys) to benefit the rivers and ratepayers in the District of Columbia. Permeable pavement is a GI technique that mimics natural conditions to capture, filter and slowdown stormwater runoff before entering the combined sewer system. 

To date, the Green Alley Partnership constructed permeable pavement in one alley in Ward 2 within the Potomac River sewershed and six alleys in Wards 1 and 4 within the Rock Creek sewershed. Residents and ratepayers benefit through reconstructed alleys and by the implementation of GI helping to prevent combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into the Potomac River and Rock Creek. DDOT and DC Water continue to look for partnership opportunities.

Project Area

Find the seven green alleys (green dots) constructed within the Potomac River and Rock Creek combined sewer areas through the Green Alley Partnership by clicking on the interactive map below:


Improves the Environment
The Green Alley Partnership helps to reduce pollution into local creeks and rivers by replacing impervious pavement with permeable pavement.    

Saves Money
The partnership between DDOT and DC Water allowed cost sharing between the two entities optimizing resources and expertise, and reducing the financial impact to tax and ratepayers in the District.

Saves Time
This partnership allows DC Water to construct alleys faster by utliizing DDOT's AlleyPalooza contracts.

Reduces Disruption
Because both DDOT’s and DC Water's work was constructed under the same effort, there was less construction disruption in the neighborhoods where the alleys are located.  


To ensure continued performance of GI and the associated reduction of combined sewer overflows, the GI facilities must be maintained regularly.  DC Water is responsible for maintenance of GI facilities. If you notice trash or other issues in the facilities, please contact DC Water and note the Facility ID located on the sign.  Facility ID signs can be found at each GI facility that DC Water constructed in your neighborhood. For more information, see the GI Maintenance Factsheet in the Project Documents above.

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