DC Water improves water pressure in parts of Ward 8

August 27, 2018

Many DC Water customers in Ward 8 will begin to see the benefits of several years’ worth of DC Water projects when their water pressure increases this week. Beginning today, the pressure is scheduled to be increased gradually over several weeks for a total increase of 22 pounds per square inch (psi).
Some customers in the area, especially on upper floors, have historically experienced low water pressure, so DC Water built a new water tower and upgraded water mains in the area to support a new pressure zone.
While this should help water flow, DC Water has offered pressure reducing valves to customers who will see their pressure increase above 80 psi. To date, more than 1000 valves have been installed, free of charge. 
For more information please contact the project hotline 202-787-4065 or visit dcwater.com/pzip2ndhigh. To find out if you are in the new pressure zone, please see if you are inside the dotted line of the accompanying map (also visible at the url above).