DC Water delivers a new wave of distance learning

April 06, 2020

DC Water provides new online resources for parents and teachers

DC Water today unveiled online resources for parents and teachers that include water and environmental education during this time of online learning.

“DC Water has been strengthening its relationship with District schools,” said John Lisle, Vice President, Marketing and Communications. “We have significantly increased materials and resources for educators and students, and are making these available on our website now so that teachers and parents can access them for an online curriculum.”

Resources for teachers can be found at: dcwater.com/teachers. This page includes lessons, games and worksheets specific to DC Water about the watershed, drinking water, and wastewater treatment. They are listed by grade level and are appropriate for Pre-K through 12th grade.

Additional educational resources can be found at: dcwater.com/distance-learning. This page lists dozens of additional online locations where teachers, parents and students can access environmental education lessons, videos and activities about water in many contexts, including health, earth, space and environmental science.