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Can you imagine a day without water?

October 21, 2021

U.S. Water Alliance encourages residents to value their tap water

DC Water launches second Wendy the Waterdrop Children’s BooK

Each October, the U.S. Water Alliance designates a day in which the organization challenges residents to contemplate the water they use every day. The national “Imagine a Day without Water” holiday is October 21 this year and DC Water is celebrating with two pop-up events in the District and the release of a new children’s book about drinking water.

The first was a commuter event at the Navy Yard Metro Station from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. Here, DC Water Ambassadors engaged the public with water trivia and provided reusable water bottles and free drinking water from the famed Quench Buggy. Wendy, the Waterdrop also made an appearance.

The second event is a meet and greet outside Van Ness Elementary School from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. Participation at Van Ness is limited to school parents and students during dismissal at the end of the day. Earlier today, outreach staff gave a virtual lesson and reading of DC Water’s first children’s book published last year.

In addition, DC Water this week announced the production of its second children’s book featuring Wendy the Waterdrop. In this volume, called Wendy and the Curious Case of the Leak, the main character follows the journey of drinking water from the source, through the underground infrastructure, to the tap.  

The Imagine a Day Without Water campaign reminds us that without water, we would not have our morning coffee, couldn’t flush the toilet or brush our teeth, firefighters wouldn’t be able to hose down fires, and we would all be wearing dirty clothes.

“At DC Water, we think about your water and wastewater every day,” said DC Water CEO and General Manager David L. Gadis. “We recognize that most people take for granted that clean, safe drinking water will reliably flow from their tap whenever they need it. Today, we ask that you take a moment to consider the complex processes and support required to provide water and wastewater services, and the need to continue to invest in those systems.”

Added Tom Kuczynski, Acting President, Blue Drop, and Vice President of Information Technology at DC Water, “Our newest children’s book aims to do just that. It describes the journey that this precious resource takes from source to tap.” The book was developed by Blue Drop LLC, DC Water’s non-profit affiliate that markets DC Water’s products and technologies to create cost savings that reduce the impact of rate increases for DC Water customers.

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