Tips for Preventing Cross Connections

Tips for Protecting Your Home or Business from Cross-connections

  • Learn how to eliminate or control cross-connections with backflow preventers.
  • Do not submerge hoses or place hoses where they could become submerged, such as sinks, tubs, or pools.
  • Install hose bib vacuum breakers on hose spigots.
  • Have your plumbing system surveyed for cross-connections by a certified backflow preventer inspector.
  • Ensure the correct backflow preventer is installed on your irrigation system.
  • Have your backflow prevention assembly(s) inspected annually by a certified backflow preventer inspector. For additional information on backflow preventers and air gaps, please refer to the Backflow Preventers link below in Customer Resources.
  • Immediately replace or repair any backflow prevention assembly that fails inspection.
  • Submit annual inspection reports to the DC Water Compliance Program.