Ivan Frishberg

Ivan Frishberg

Alternate Board Member

Ivan Frishberg serves as First Vice President of Amalgamated Bank, Sustainability Banking Division.  He works across the Bank on a range of banking, investment, and lending products designed to serve sustainability goals and the goals of Amalgamated’s clients in the energy, climate and environment communities.

Mr. Frishberg has more than 25 years of public interest advocacy, organizing, and policy experience.  Previously he was Senior Advisor and Climate Change Campaign Manager for Organizing for Action and a Senior Advisor to the Climate Action Campaign, a multi-year national coalition effort to defend the Clean Air Act and support new federal policies on climate and public health.  Mr. Frishberg has managed major public engagement grant programs for Pew Charitable Trusts and served as the Political Director for Environment America and Clean Energy Works.  He worked with the Climate Briefing Service on the intersection of U.S. Climate Advocacy and the recent international climate negotiations.

Mr. Frishberg continues to be very active in the community serving the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, Brent Elementary Board of the PTA, and Board member of the Oregon State PIRG.

Mr. Frishberg received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Portland State University.