Chuck  Sweeney

Chuck Sweeney

Director, Distribution and Conveyance Systems

Charles (Chuck) Sweeney is the Director of Distribution and Conveyance Systems for the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water). Mr. Sweeney directs all activities associated with potable water delivery and the collection of stormwater and wastewater at the Authority's facilities. He is also responsible for implementing processes that ensure the Authority's compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act and other pertinent regulations and permits. Additionally, Mr. Sweeney directs asset management activities and maintenance schedules to ensaure that all pump stations reservoirs, tanks and other assets are functioning as designed.

Mr. Sweeney previously served as the Authority's Director of Utility Services, and managed the departments that maintain the water distribution system throughout the District. Prior to his appointment to that role in December 2010, Mr. Sweeney was the Manager of Pumping Services.

Previously, Mr. Sweeney worked at Fairfax County Water Authority as the Maintenance and SCADA Manager for the entire water system, which included two water treatment plants, raw water pump stations, various pump stations around the county and all the storage tanks in the system. He was also employed at Wyle Laboratories as a government contractor working on various control systems at the Naval Surface Warfare Center located in Carderock, MD. He began his career working with General Dynamics in San Diego as a control engineer on the Tomahawk Cruise Missile System.

Mr. Sweeney holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh