DC Water Works!

DC Water has arguably the largest capital program in the District of Columbia with multiple large scale infrastructure projects currently underway at the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant and other sites across the city. More major projects are planned over the next 10 years.

These projects are largely funded by our ratepayers, and for that reason we've launched the DC Water Works! initiative - a multi-pronged effort to boost local hiring on DC Water projects.

Jobs with DC Water Contractors

The majority of workers on DC Water's construction projects are hired and employed by construction contractors and their subcontractors, and there are many opportunities in a variety of trades. Current openings with these companies are now listed on our website along with the relevant contact information.

Job Listings (PDF 511 kb)

Local residents can also learn more about current openings by calling 202-787-2304.

DC Water Jobs

DC Water has a diverse full-time workforce of approximately 1,100 employees. To see current job announcements with the Authority or to learn more about benefits and other employment information, please visit our Career Center at DCWater.com.

Program Overview

The objectives of DC Water Works! include:

  • A targeted campaign to advertise DC Water jobs to local residents
  • Collaboration with District job training and apprenticeship programs
  • Coordinated and incentive-based program to encourage DC Water contractors to interview and hire additional District residents

Career Center