Sewer Rehabilitation Project - Glover-Archbold Park


DC Water is performing sewer rehabilitation projects throughout the city as part of its Capital Improvement Program. This project involves the rehabilitation of sewers in the Glover-Archbold Park, from Van Ness Street NW to the Potomac River South of Canal Road NW. Benefits of this project include the rehabilitation of an aging sanitary sewer system, improving structural integrity while maintaining adequate hydraulic capacity, and reducing stream and groundwater infiltration and potential sanitary sewer overflows. In preparation for this project, field investigations and evaluations are being conducted to assess the condition of the sewers. As the Glover-Archbold Park is a property of National Park Service (NPS), DC Water is also coordinating with NPS on the creation of an environmental assessment.


  • Rehabilitation of approximately 22,800 linear feet of affected sewer pipe within the project area. 
  • Rehabilitation and/or replacement of manholes and othersewer infrastructure.


  • Notice to proceed: June 18, 2014 
  • Draft Environmental Assessment Submittal: Summer/Fall 2017 
  • Public Scoping Meeting: Late 2017


Alternatives for sewer rehabilitation are currently being defined, evaluated and will be made available in the upcoming EA for public review. DC Water encourages comments and questions when the 30-day public review period for the EA is established. The confirmed schedule for this review period will be provided in future correspondence.