Backflow Service Providers

Approved Backflow Prevention Assembly Service Providers.

A list of approved backflow prevention assembly (BPA) service providers is available at the links under the resource files section to the right.  The listed BPA service providers have been independently certified to test and/or install a BPA, registered on our Third-Party Portal, and have been instructed on submitting inspections to our Third-Party Portal. Only those BPA service providers listed are authorized to submit results to DC Water to bring your BPA in compliance with applicable regulations.

Use the legend below in selecting the appropriate BPA service provider. For example, if you are a residential customer that needs to have their backflow preventer inspected, you may contact any service provider that is shown as a residential inspector in column I.

This list is updated monthly.


(A) Company

(B) Technician

(C) Address

(D) Contact Telephone Number

(E) Contact Email Address

(F) Commercial Installations

(G) Commercial Inspections

(H) Residential Installations

(I) Residential Inspections

(J) Fire Hydrant Use Permit (FHUP) BPA Inspections—

Hydrant Only = Approved inspector will only test hydrant BPAs already connected to hydrants. This will support the renewal of existing permits

Non-Hydrant only = Approved inspector will only test hydrant BPAs using a water source other than a hydrant. This will support obtaining new hydrant permits.

Both Options = Approved inspector can test at hydrant or alternative water source. This will support new permits and renewals of existing permits.