Temporary Water Connection

What does it mean? DC Water allows temporary water connections for construction trailers and other temporary site facilities requiring plumbing services during building construction. This entails tapping the water main, setting a meter and starting a water service that will later by be removed by the applicant. At the end of construction this service will be abandoned at the public water main.
Does this apply to me? This applies to you if you have a construction project and desire temporary plumbing services during the construction phase to serve jobsite trailer(s) and other jobsite facilities.
When do I apply? It is advisable to apply at least two months before the service is needed. Based on the level of complexity and the thoroughness of the documentation provided, the review and approval process may take several days. Furthermore, it typically takes a couple of days to schedule and execute the connection to the water main.
What do I need to submit?
  1. A log slip that includes applicant and project information.
  2. Site plan showing the proposed project and adjacent properties/roadways, location of existing public water/sewer mains and size, proposed water/sewer connection locations and size.
  3. A completed meter sizing worksheet that estimates the proposed water usage
  4. Backflow prevention form.
Where do I go and apply? Requests are processed at DC Water's Permit Operations Department located at 1100 4th St. SW Suite 310 Washington, DC 20024
How long will it take?

The application review and approval typically takes less than two months.

Scheduling and executing the tap insertion for tapping the water main takes a week or less.

For services 2" and smaller, the duration per submission is approximately 4 weeks

What do I Receive? A Water and Sewer Availability Certificate that indicates approval of the temporary service connection.
What are DC Water's fees for this? See the fee schedule for costs. This work normally includes a fee for review, a fee to connect the new service and a fee for the abandonment of the service when the work is complete.
For more Info, call: DC Water Permit Operations Department at 202-646-8600.
Additional Info. A temporary service connection requires a public space permit.