Communications Comes First

When our CEO and General Manager George Hawkins arrived in 2009 he quickly realized that many of our customers did not know us. They did not know what it takes to deliver water to their homes and treat it once it leaves. Water just arrived at the faucet and disppeared at the drain. Everything else was taken for granted.

George decided that we must do a better job communicating with our customers so they better know and value our services. Only by communicating to our customers about what it takes to deliver our essential service, the value of our people and the need for infrastructure modernization can we generate the support that’s required to raise the revenue needed.

So, there is no more important priority to us than communication with our customers. Everything is premised on that foundation.

It began with a rebranding in 2010 when we became DC Water and continues today through extensive public outreach and open lines of communication with our customers. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible. We think this new website is another step forward - making it easier for customers to find information, check their accounts and request services. For the latest news, service notices, scheduled events, blog posts and social media posts, please visit our What's Going On page. If you have questions about our rates and billing, visit our Customer Center.