DC Water for Kids
Where Does Water Go?

The average American uses about 100 gallons of water a day!

But only a small amount is used for cooking and drinking. Here are some other ways that families use water. The amount used depends on how long the water is turned on, and whether the family used water-saving appliances, shower heads, toilet tanks and faucets.

Match each picture with one of the water-saving tips below.

2-5 gallons a minute

Bathroom faucet
Bathroom Faucet:
2-5 gallons a minute

Water-Saving Tips
  1. Turn this off while you brush your teeth.

  2. Don't use this as a wastebasket.

  3. Keep a container of water in the refridgerator instead of running the faucet to get a cold drink.

  4. If that shirt is fairly clean, you could wear it again.

  5. You may not need to rinse most cups and plates before filling this -- check with a parent.

  6. Take a short one of these instead of a bath.

2-5 gallons a flush

25 gallons a load

Kitchen sink
Kitchen Sink:
2-5 gallons a minute

Washing machine
Washing Machine:
30 gallons a load