DC Water for Kids
Liquid of Life

That's why it's important to use water wisely

Plants, animals and people need water to live
Human beings need about 2 quarts a day to digest food, transport wastes, keep cells alive, make blood and control body temperature. We get some of this water by drinking. Some comes from food -- an apple, for example, is about 3/4 water, and a ripe tomato is mostly water.

Nearly 2/3 of your body is water!
Enter your weight (in pounds):

This is how many 8-oz glasses it would take to equal the water in you!

Liquid of life
People also use water for:
  • cooking
  • bathing
  • cleaning
  • flushing toilets
  • growing food
  • making paper, steel and other products
  • making electricity
  • having fun

In too many cases, precious water is wasted in the process.

Liquid of life
We're using water faster than we can recycle it!
Did you know that some parts of the country are actually running out of clean, drinkable water?