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Public Meeting Notice

The DC Water Board of Directors held its annual public hearing on the proposed rate increases for Fiscal Year 2015 on Wednesday, May 14, 2014. Customers attended this important hearing to testify in person about our service, our goals and our rate proposal. The Board considered customer comments and approved the following rate increases in the meeting held on September 4, 2014.

FY 2015 Approved Rates

Fig. 1 in Ccf and equivalent gallons 1Ccf = 748 gallons
Approved FY 2015 (Effective 10/1/2014)
Rate Class Ccf (hundred cubic feet) 1,000 Gallons
Water Rate  
  Residential $3.88 $5.19
  Multi-Family $3.88 $5.19
  Non-Residential $3.88 $5.19
Sewer Rate  
  Residential $4.74 $6.33
  Multi-Family $4.74 $6.33
  Non-Residential $4.74 $6.33
PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) Fee  
  Residential $0.46 $0.62
  Multi-Family $0.46 $0.62
  Non-Residential $0.46 $0.62
The Right-of-Way (ROW) Fee  
  Residential $0.17 $0.22
  Multi-Family $0.17 $0.22
  Non-Residential $0.17 $0.22
Groundwater Sewer Charge*  
  Residential $2.33 $3.11
  Multi-Family $2.33 $3.11
  Non-Residential $2.33 $3.11
Clean Rivers Impervious Area Charge per ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit)
  Residential $16.75
  Multi-Family $16.75
  Non-Residential $16.75
Stormwater Fee  
  Residential $2.67
  Multi-Family $2.67
  Non-Residential $2.67

Fig. 2 Approved Average Monthly Residential Water and Sewer Bill for 2015*
  FY 2015
DC Water Retail Rates* $57.67
Clean Rivers Impervious Area Charge $16.75
DC Water Customer Metering Fee** $3.86
Subtotal: DC Water Rates & Charges $78.28
Increase Over Prior Year $8.92
District of Columbia PILOT Fee* $3.08
District of Columbia Right-of-Way Fee* $1.14
District of Columbia Stormwater Fee* $2.67
Subtotal: District of Columbia Charges $6.89
Total Amount Appearing on DC Water Bill $85.17
Increase Over Prior Year $8.45

*Assumes average monthly consumption of 6.69 Ccf or 5,004 gallons.

**The DC Water Customer Metering Fee varies by meter size. The fee given here is the lowest fee and operates as a baseline.

FY 2015 is effective October 1, 2014

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Understanding Rates

DC Water bills residential, commercial and government customers on a monthly basis. The water and sewer bills incorporate DC Water charges and District of Columbia charges together on the same bill. The District of Columbia charges are collected by DC Water, who in turn, passes those fees on to the District. The District fees include PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes), ROW (right-of-way) and stormwater.

DC Water charges for water, sewer, customer metering and impervious area. Water and sewer charges are billed volumetrically, that is, they are based on how much water a household or business consumes. The Clean Rivers Impervious Area Charge (CRIAC) is a sewer fee that takes into account the area on a property that is made of impermeable surface, which contributes to runoff and combined sewer overflows. The CRIAC generates funds to cover the cost of the Clean Rivers Project (also referred to as the Combined Sewer Overflow Long Term Control Plan detailed under the "What We Do" section of this website,) a $2.6 billion capital project mandated by the federal government. The customer metering fee is a flat fee based on the meter's size.

How rates are set

Rates are set annually through a year-long process that begins with DC Water developing a budget based on capital and operating needs. Once the budget is approved by the Board of Directors, a rate structure is proposed and communicated via the DC Register, newspapers, town hall public meetings and a public hearing. These are all opportunities for the public to comment on the proposed rates. The DC Water Board of Directors votes on the rate proposal in July, to be implemented in the October bill.

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