Saint Elizabeth Water Tower and Large Diameter Transmission Mains

Through the Elevated Water Storage Tower Project, DC Water will perform water system improvements for the proposed Anacostia 2nd high service area. The proposed new service area and water storage tower will serve the southern section of the existing Anacostia 1st high service area, improving water quality, system reliability, water pressure and ensuring adequate flows throughout the system. The new tower will permit demolition of the existing tower, which was originally built in the 1930s and is today semi- operational and unable to provide adequate water pressure to the adjacent Saint Elizabeths Hospital facility.

Download a more detailed project information sheet on the Elevated Water Storage Tower Project (PDF 155 kb) .

Scope of Work

In meeting minimum water pressure standards, as set forth by DC Water, the new elevated water storage tower for the proposed Anacostia 2nd high service area must have an overflow elevation of 310 feet above mean sea level, which will in turn require a tower approximately 170 feet above grade. The tank also requires a volume of at least 2 million gallons in order to provide sufficient water storage during emergencies and to meet daily demand.

Project Schedule

Construction activities will start in May 2016 and be completed by May 2018.

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