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Piney Branch Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project

The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) is performing sewer rehabilitation projects throughout the city as part of its Capital Improvement Program. Defined by the 2009 Sewer System Facility Plan, these efforts include rehabilitation of the Piney Branch Trunk Sewer. As its brick and concrete pipes vary in diameter from 3 feet to 10 feet, the Piney Branch Trunk Sewer exists as one of the city�s major trunk sewers. Locations of this arterial pipe include Madison Street NW, 4th Street NW, Ingraham Street NW, 9th Street NW, Gallatin Street NW, Arkansas Avenue NW and Piney Branch Parkway NW.

Download a more detailed project information sheet on the Piney Branch Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project (PDF 569 kb) .

Scope of Work

This project is currently under design. Please see both design and construction schedules below.


Following completion of design in December 2016, construction activities for this project are scheduled to start in June 2017 and conclude by December 2019.

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