Oxon Run Sewer Rehabilitation Project

DC Water will be constructing a new sewer to serve the Valley Terrace housing development in southeast DC. The existing sewer, which connects to the Lower Relief Sewer, is a smaller pipeline that carries wastewater from the development. The Lower Relief Sewer has experienced deterioration from both age and exposure to the Oxon Run stream which has shifted over time. Through the Oxon Run Sewer Rehabilitation Project, DC Water will abandon the current portion of the Lower Relief Sewer and design and construct an alternative sewer alignment, which will carry wastewater from Valley Terrace along Southern Avenue before connecting to the Upper Relief Sewer. Also included in this project is a new sewer connection to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission sewer line coming from Prince George's County, MD.

Download a more detailed project information sheet on the Oxon Run Sewer Rehabilitation Project (PDF 205 kb) .

Scope of Work

Major work items include, but are not limited to:
  • Rehabilitation of Upper Relief Sewer on NPS property (sewer varies in diameter from 36 inches up to 42 inches)
  • Construction of a new sewer to serve Valley Terrace housing development
  • Removal or structural abandonment of portions of the Lower Relief Sewer, as directed by NPS
  • Restoration of public roads and infrastructure, as needed


Design to be completed by October 2013. Construction is anticipated to start in February 2014, and will be completed by July 2016.

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